quotes from sc session 16/06/10 – with nigel done

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‘faith that counts, is not the absence of doubt; it’s the presence of action’
brian maclaren

‘the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.’
Galatians 5.6

‘spirituality is more than churchgoing. it is possible to go to church (be religious) and never develop a spirituality at all. spirituality is the way in which we express a living faith in a real world. spirituality is the sum total of attitudes and actions that define our life’.
joan chittister


nigel done at sc – 16/05/10

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nigel done (vicar, father of 3, cyclist, artist, one time used car salesman, environmentalist and other stuff as well) will be our guest at sc this weekend (16th may). he’ll be leading a discussion entitled ‘what exactly are we talking about.’ we are so confident that you’ll get something from this evening that we promise to refund your money if you are not full satisfied.*

the picture below is one of his

*sc is a free

ben waller gig this saturday (8th may)

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our very own ben waller (ok we share him with fromefm, holy trinity combe down, critchill school and esther waller and her bump) will be supporting brother john and 1979 this saturday at holy trinity combe down. the gig starts at 7.30 and costs £4. i can’t comment on the other two acts, because i’ve never listened to either, but bens stuff is beautiful and worth the cost of the ticket alone. come along and support our boy. (when i did a google image search for brother john i found this tike on a bike ….. it’s not relevant, but i kinda like it)

sunday cafe + : may 9th: zones: bible characters

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it’s a sunday cafe + this sunday (may 9th) which means that you are all welcome regardless of your age. the flyer below has the details. if it’s so small that you can’t read the text then click on it and it’ll get bigger!

the session will be using zones to look at different bible characters. the zones have been set up by sc regulars and volunteers. there is a slight twist to the evening….. but we won’t tell you about it until the evening itself (yes we can be a bit mean like that).

rob bell’s new film ‘resurrection’

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check out the new short free film ‘resurrection’ from rob bell

session review ‘big worship’ 28/03/10

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just wanted to drop you a line to say how much i enjoyed big worship the other week. it was a great evening, so relaxed and enjoyable and the content was very encouraging and inspiring, so thank you for asking me to come along and help.
iain, youth worker, norton st philip

i thought big worship was great! pretty much on a par with some of the other events i’ve gone to in reading/cardiff. you managed to combine a good mixture of old and new songs to suit all ages, it was good to have the worship interspersed with videos, prayer time (definitely do that again) – made it a bit easier to focus on god, rather than just coming in, singing and leaving again!
laura, student, cardiff

i thought it was really great having a good long session of worship and one which we could engage with however we felt comfortable, standing up, sitting down, singing along or having a quiet couple minutes to take in the words. if christianity is a personal relationship with god, then worship should be an outworking of that with people worshipping in their own way – expressing and engaging through song depending on where they are. big worship had that right which is important, I feel.
owain, student, nottingham

i really enjoyed the worship. liked how it was mixed up with a little bit of reflective prayer and video. i think it slightly more captured the bigger picture about worship; the power of music to convey emotion, the feeling of the way that music can, and often does, transcend what we are capable of thinking and that it is a small glimpse into a god that we cannot fully comprehend.
sean, student, carmarthen

here is a clip we developed for big worship (if you’d like a better quality version of this clip let sc know)

session review ‘the big picture’ 07/03/10

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sc this week was looking at the big picture of the bible, and helping us put into context the scriptures we hear at church, and read ourselves.
graham took us on a guided tour from the garden, right through to the new heaven and earth, and the heavenly new jerusulem. on the way, we saw the birth of god’s people, the (multiple) rise and fall(s) of israel, and the context of the nation that jesus was born into.

we also took a quick look at the process of translating the bible.

with it we leave with a greater understanding of the big story, and the realisation that no matter how much we know about the bible, there’s always so much more we don’t.

reviewed by simon, a sc regular